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Wealth Management Intro

Wealth Management Wealth management is an investment-advisory discipline which incorporates a number of aggregated financial services.  The services will vary depending on the firm.  A sample of what you might see is Asset Management, Private Management, and Portfolio Growth.  Typically this is only used by HNW, better known as High Net Worth individuals or businesses.  Wealth […]

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This is a horrible story for the people who work there, but it is definitely a sign of what’s to come for those who do not except the truth of technology and they will pay dearly for not listening.  More than 6000 people will have to look for work.  What do you think JCPENNY could […]

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The Donald Makes Manufactures Optimistic

If you were to poll The Donald’s approval ratings which are below 50%.  To be more accurate just two days ago his rating were about 39%.  So if I am reading the numbers correctly then I would say that he is in loads of trouble, but it’s hard to count the man out.  He did […]

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