Wealth Management Intro

Wealth Management

Wealth management is an investment-advisory discipline which incorporates a number of aggregated financial services.  The services will vary depending on the firm.  A sample of what you might see is Asset Management, Private Management, and Portfolio Growth.  Typically this is only used by HNW, better known as High Net Worth individuals or businesses.  Wealth management services can help normal working individuals.   Individuals can secure their financial future as well.

“I don’t make enough to live off of now what will I have to retire with”.  Might be a big concern for working class man or women.  This is where having a wealth manager comes in handy.  Known as Chartered Financial Consultants, Certified Financial Planners or Chartered Financial Analyst ( in the United States).  Canada calls them Chartered Strategic Wealth Professionals.  UK calls them Chartered Financial Planners.  Normally these professional money managers have MBA’s as well.

Depending on the firm or individual they will have different techniques that they use. You will need to shop around for the firm or individual that has your best interest in mind.  You can do by picking up your cell phone.  Calling different companies or going on the internet and doing your own research.  You can ask your friends, business partners to give you some advice if they are dealing with a company now.  Remember there are always bad apples right there with the good.  It is our job is to separate them and use what we can use and put the others back.

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