No Major Show Deal for Lonzo Ball

Bad Financial Execution

When I see stories like this it makes me wonder.  Why is your financial execution so bad?  How could you not work something out?  The young man could be the number one pick in the draft.  I understand how you might not want to put to much into the young star before he can prove that he is the truth.  Also looking at the big shoe companies blue print for dealing with shoe deals.  They typically structure the deals so that they will get the biggest part of the pie being that they are putting out all of the money to produce the product.

Now looking at the other side I can see what the father  Lavar Ball is trying to do as well.  I think that he is trying to cash in just as much as any of the others which makes the big companies feel naked because they are not getting the lion share.  The number that the Ball’s want is quite big.  If you did not know the number it’s a billion, I am not sure but I don’t think that the GOAT Micheal Jordan got that when he started.  Granted that times are way different than they are now, with the internet and all its moving parts.  To me the father is the first one to say I made it so i should get a 50/50 split of everything.  Which is very different from I will take a 100 million.

Real estate has taught me that negotiation is whatever you want to make it.  No matter the number you could set the structure up so that the deal could flow.  Since you are talking about future output I would pay the same way.  The deal could have easily been structured with a incentive base structure.